Lynx Solutions Limited
檢視以下範疇的職位空缺 Lynx Solutions Limited
Lynx has been established over 20 years aims of providing full office automation and system integration services. The following principles are important to us. If they are important to you, then let's talk. Client as Parters The best products are created when everyone operates as a single unit with common goals. Our success is measured as a team, so we intentionally sit on the same side of the table as our clients. Less Presentations We don’t believe in dog-and-pony shows or a strict number of revisions. Good products require hard work, iterative testing, and open collaboration with our clients. Technology Pragmatic We don't believe the latest is the best in technology, this is only a marketing slogan. Technology like wine, it needs times to improve, but it can't be too old. So, we only deploy the mature and suitable technology on suitable tasks. Small team Large development team is only lead to difficult in communication and excuse of the system failure and delay. Small team can allow each member to have better communication, improve development efficiency and better understand all product aspects, including our client needs. Quality Over Quantity It’s our job to make the best products possible. We take on less work so we can do our best work.