BST Logistics Hong Kong Co. Ltd.
檢視以下範疇的職位空缺 BST Logistics Hong Kong Co. Ltd.
A world-class air charter service provider with more than 20 years’ industry experience providing charter service on any mode of commercial aircraft, for any journey, to any country in the world. With more than 100 highly trained and dedicated professionals, We offer a personalized umbrella of Air Cargo Charter Services that ensures Safety, Reliability, Expediency and Quality Service that our clients can depend on. Our company handles over 500 flight operations per year and it is proud to serve an extensive global portfolio of satisfied customers who can attest to our commitment to excellence. Currently We have offices based in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Novosibirsk. Our clients can be assured that we will analyze and match all requirements with the appropriate aircraft needed to perform the job economically and safely.