How we can help on your career!
TopLeader = Top Leader Group International Limited
TopLeader.com.hk is a perfect online platform for Job-hiring and Job-seeking.  TopLeader has widely publicized through multi-media and has access different levels of Talents.  Employers are able to hire the right people easier from reaching those Talents.  It enhances to develop the company’s business rapidly.  At the same time, Job seekers are able to get a most suitable job and develop their own career path.  Topleader offers the best opportunity for job seekers.
Business Recruitment
Nowadays, the use of online recruiting and online Job searching are becoming more and more popular.  TopLeader.com.hk offers a comprehensive recruitment platform, with a very competitive Job-posting cost.  Job advertisements can be uploaded anytime by employers.  TopLeader has different kinds of advertising through media and there is a famous artist to promote and support.  Employers can hire the right people more efficiently through TopLeader.com.hk.
Job Searching Opportunity
Job seekers are able to create their own resume with their working experiences, qualifications, skills, languages, etc, or upload their resume.  Job seekers can apply the posted jobs through TopLeader.com.hk.  The employers receive the resumes immediately when the applicants submit the application.
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